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Training plans

The secret to achieving your cycling goals lies in determination and preparation. There are no shortcuts, but by giving yourself the necessary means, you can achieve your goals.

That's why, in collaboration with the FFC (French Cycling Federation), we're offering you a detailed training plan for the last 3 months before L'Étape du Tour de France. These 12 weeks will give you the peace of mind you need to be in top form on D-day.

We've divided your preparation into 3 blocks of 4 weeks, with each block focusing on a specific aspect: velocity, strength and power. We believe in the equation power = strength x velocity.


  • "Finisher goal": dedicated to insiders and those who don't have much time, with 3 outings a week.
  • "Chrono goal": 5 outings a week for those who want to push their limits.


Plan dedicated to women and taking into account menstrual cycles.

  • "Finisher goal": 3 outings per week for those who want to discover a training plan that integrates their lifestyle rhythm.
  • "Chrono goal": 5 outings per week for those who are aiming to race!

Want to go further and get a personalized coaching ?

Go here on the NOLIO platform to find the FFC Coach plans.

You'll be able to export your sessions on your GPS bike computer, monitor your improvements, validate your feelings and get in touch with the FFC coaches who'll be delighted to support you!

Your goal: be at your best in Nice on July 6!