Official release: date change

How to register

The 2024 edition is now sold-out.

If you have chosen the Santini Duo Pack, don't forget to send your team name and password to your teammate so that he or she can register as soon as possible.

 If you didn't have the chance to get your bib number, you still have 2 last options for being in Nice on July 6th :

1. Contact one of our affiliated tour operators, who guarantee a complete package including your bib number, transport and accomodation.

2. Riding with a charity bib with Macmillan Cancer Support.

  • Would you like to train for L'Étape du Tour de France 2024? Take part in a L'Étape by Tour de France event and experience the unique atmosphere of the Tour de France in over 25 countries.
  • You don't have a race number for the 2024 edition of L'Étape du Tour de France? Here's a tip : Take part in a L'Étape by Tour de France series and get early access to registration for L'Étape du Tour de France 2025.

Prepare rigorously for the 2024 edition of L'Étape du Tour de France, which promises to be one of the most demanding of the 31 previous editions. The 4,600 metres of positive ascent spread over the 138-kilometre route will put you to the test. You need to be perfectly prepared for this challenge.

A medical certificate (or copy) must be provided in order to take part in a timed sporting event. Your medical certificate must be uploaded to your time to account and validated by the organisation before L’Étape du Tour before you can collect your race number.

  • The certificate must clearly indicate the words "non contre-indication à la pratique du cyclisme en competition” (“no contra-indications for participating in competitive cycling”). No other wording will be accepted.
  • The certificate must be dated within one year before the date of the event.

To avoid any mistakes, you can ask your doctor to complete, stamp and sign the model below.

Every year, L’Étape du Tour de France welcomes several thousand cyclists. The starts are managed using “starting areas” so that everyone can enjoy a unique experience in smooth conditions.

By placing all the participants according to their level of fitness, we will limit the number of riders who overtake others and considerably reduce the risk of bottlenecks on the approach to the first difficulties on the route.

Depending on your experience on L’Étape du Tour de France and your ability, you will be assigned a starting area number: the lower the starting area number, the earlier your start will take place.

Here are the criteria used to allocate the various starting areas:

1. Real time ranking in L’Étape du Tour de France in 2023, 2022, 2019, 2018, 2017;

2. If you hold a 2024 FFC licence, your FFC cyclosport ranking will also be taken into consideration. Find information about this ranking here (in french).

3. The time you are aiming for on the 2024 Étape du Tour de France.

4. If you have taken part in a leading cycling event, we will also take this data into consideration when allocating your final starting area number.