Starting and Arrival Areas

In order to avoid any stress on the morning of the race, find out now where your start area is and how to get there. Volunteers will be present at the start areas to guide and advise you.

The start areas are secure and the entrances can be found at the rear of each start area. To gain access to the start area to which you have been assigned, you must show the number plate on your bike frame for checking.

IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION: PLEASE USE THE START AREA YOU HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED TO. Please use the start area you have been assigned to for sporting reasons and to improve fluidity and safety along the route. Too many cyclists attempt to take starter’s orders in a start area other than the one to which they have been assigned. Some cyclists are even unpleasant with the volunteers who manage the starts.

This year once again, participants who cheat and start from a start area prior to the one to which they have been assigned shall be automatically disqualified.

Now that you know your departure lock, take a look at its location 🙂


You can also discover your finish area.