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See you on Saturday 6 July!

The authorities got in touch to ask us to review our whole operation after snap legislative elections were called a couple of weeks ago.

It makes a lot of sense: an event held on public roads, such as ours, should never get in the way of the electoral process. Everyone is working hard to make the pieces of the jigsaw fit: the authorities overseeing the event, public services in charge of security, the towns and cities along the 138 km course, the locals who welcome and root for the participants, and the organising teams and service providers, who've had to adjust their plans.

Everyone involved in the event has reacted to make sure it goes ahead, give you the welcome you deserve, keep all services in place and guarantee a larger-than-life cycling experience.

We understand how this impacts you as a participant: having to switch up your schedule, changing your accommodation, sorting out the logistics… but we also keep in mind how long we've been preparing to be good to go when the big day comes around, not to mention the words of encouragement we've received from people thanking us for keeping the race on track despite the unforeseen circumstances.

To keep things as simple as possible, we've tweaked the race number retrieval operations and opening hours to give you more wiggle room, and we plan to do something similar with the shuttle schedule and capacity.

We're sure you're still as pumped as ever and ready to overcome this last-minute bump on the road.