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Stage town

Nice la belle, Nice the eco-friendly

Capital of the Côte d’Azur, 5th biggest city of France with 350 000 inhabitants, 2nd touristic destination of the country with over 5-million visitors every year and 2nd airport of France with over 13-million passengers every year, Nice has a unique setting and a fantastic climate, combining all the advantages that has nowadays made it an exceptional land of sports and a key location for the greatest international cultural and sporting events.

Actively turned towards the future and connected to the environmental issues, Nice has committed for several years now to a real economical mutation with the ambition to become a reference territory in the domain of smart and sustainable cities, betting on sectors based on innovation, digital and eco-industries. Through the development of major infrastructure projects such as the Allianz Riviera stadium, the Promenade du Paillon, the east-west tramway line, the creation of the Centre Européen des Entreprises et d’Innovation (European Centre for Companies and Innovation) or the implementation of the Eco-Valley, the Nice Metropolis has entered a new phase in economical, social and urban development. A true and efficient research laboratory turned towards sustainable development, the Eco-Valley has the ambition of gathering together an academic and research cluster as well as a tertiary centre with an international dimension.

As a result to that, today Nice has become one of the most advanced “smart cities” in the world, accomplishing all the initiatives taken these last ten years to improve the quality of air, the management of waste, predictive maintenance, energy consumption and of course traffic. An eco-friendly city where gentle mobility has found its place thanks to the implementation of an ambitious cycling plan. This year in Nice, with the arrival of a new tramway line, the bus lanes will be indeed transformed into cycling paths. These amenities will reach 420kms throughout the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropolis at the horizon of 2020.

 – Julien Veran
illustration – ville de nice
 – Julien Veran
Julien Veran