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Start/Finish Areas

Start area

The race start is a time when stress and pressure can build up quickly. To ensure the best possible experience, plan your entry to the start site in advance, as best you can.

To do so, please stick to the recommended access times for your departure zone and familiarise yourself with the map of the zones.

Please remember that the departure zone you are in corresponds to the first digit of your bib number (bib number 4123 will start from departure zone n°4).


The race start is made up of 16 secure departure zones, the entrances to which can be identified with clearly visible signs.

  • Make sure you locate your departure zone beforehand. Your bib number is linked to your departure zone.
  • Identify the route to access the back of your departure zone.
  • The departure zones open at 6:00 and close progressively. Be sure to enter your zone before closing time or you will be forced to set off from the following one.
  • Volunteers will be helping to facilitate access to the departure zones. Please make sure your frame number and bib number are visible to facilitate the process.
  • Once in your departure zone, leaving the secure area with your bike will no longer be possible.
  • Listen carefully to the safety instructions given just in front of the start line. Do not rush to cross the start line, your time will only start once you have passed through the starting arch!

Finish area