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L'Étape Championship

L’Étape Championship is an age group competition between all L’Étape riders. It takes place on L’Étape du Tour event, in France in July, on the same roads as Tour de France, where the champions fight for the most coveted award in the world of cycling: the Yellow Jersey.

In 2021, age group winners will be crowned after an intense battle of 175km, with a total ascent of 3600m through Nice hinterlands. The stage will start in Nice from the Promenade des Anglais and will be a loop. More details on the route here.



What makes it a special competition?

Riders come from all over the world to conquer L’Étape du Tour, and every year the event is quickly sold out. However, a limited number of riders are automatically qualified for the Championship, provided that they finish within the top 3 of their age group categories on other L’Étape Series events (list below).

These riders can apply for a late entry since the last 150 bibs have been kept on purpose (event after the event is sold out). In addition, they will start from Waves 0 and 1, together with other contenders, and will enjoy a few surprises on the village. Check if you are on the list!


How to participate?

1/ See now if you are in the list ! No worries, the season is still running, all the results will be available before the end of the year.




2/ Fill in the registration form and we will deal with your application in the coming weeks. This form does not guarantee you a ticket, it is as long as stocks last.





On a qualifying event, finish within the top 20% of your age group category (according to the local event age group categories)

If several distances are offered, this only applies to long-distance races (>100km long)

Your name will be on the Official List of qualified riders (above-mentioned). If any demand about the list, please contact us at

L’Étape du Tour is sold out, but if you are on the list, you can ask for one of the last 150 bibs left for qualified riders.

1/ Please double check if you are qualified by having a look at the list (*).
👉 I check!

2/ Fill in this form before January, 27.
👉 I register!

3/ We will contact you and send you a link to let you register before January, 27 as long as stocks last (**).

4/ You will have to register before January, 31, then your link will expire.

(*) as the season is still running, we will update the list in the coming weeks and informed you on our Instagram story once a new result is made available
👉 @letapebytourdefrance

(**) we kept 150 bibs for you. We want it as fair as possible for everyone so this quota is split between all L'Etape events.

Your age group category is determined by your year of birth.

On L’Étape du Tour 2019, age group categories are the following:

Age group category Age* Birth year
M1 / W1 18 - 34 1986 - 2002
M2 / W2 35 - 39 1981 - 1985
M3 / W3 40 - 44 1976 - 1980
M4 / W4 45 - 49 1971 - 1975
M5 / W5 50 - 54 1966 - 1970
M6 / W6 55 - 59 1961 - 1965
M7 / W7 60 - 64 1956 - 1960
M8 / W8 65 - 69 1951 - 1955
M9 / W9 70 and + 1950 and before

(*rider’s age on December 31st of the respective year)

All the riders starting L’Étape du Tour 2020 will compete to become an age group winner. 

All podiums are determined with the real time (or net time).

Net time is the time transmitted by the timing chip. It is the exact individual time from when you cross the start line to the finish line. No matter in which wave you started the race.

However, the overall classification is determined with the offical time (also known as "gun time").